Mongkutwattana General hospital
The one-stop medical care service center - provides the major regional medical care service on Jaengwattana Road which is the region of over 400,000 population, crowded with goverment and private premises.

Consists of :-
Mongkutwattana General Hospital
A 20 - storey, over 20,000 square meter private hospital of 400 beds (full project) was specifically designed in accordance with modern functional needs with a bright and spacious interior with hotel style conveniences.



" Quality Of Life Achievement "
The soonest we succeed in healing patients to regular lives, not only physical but mental, is an outstanding expectation and responsibility, basicly on moral and ethnics, of the Board of Executives and personnel of Mongkutwattana General Hospital. We have been working towards achieving to develop better and better faithful care Services, in accordance with the regulations of the Ministry of Public Health and medical disciplines; saving the environment and creating the region of Jaengwattana Road, the northern suburb of Bangkok of the well being with "Quality Of Life"


Mongkutwattana General Hospital

34/40 Jaengwattana Rd.,Tungsonghong, Laksi, Bangkok 10210 Thailand
Tel. 0-2574-5000-9 Fax : 0-25738-686, 0-25744-856 E-Mail :